Our Capabilities

SFA includes executive and senior consultants with unique insights and capabilities in all aspects of federal, state, and local government. Possessing direct government experience and advanced degrees, each member is personally familiar with the challenges public entities face and the ever-increasing demands to provide greater service with fewer resources—maximizing each taxpayer or client dollar. SFA is knowledgeable of all key business processes and systems that drive government.

Since 2002, SFA has proven delivery of quality solutions in the following core competencies:

  • Process and Project Management
  • Information Technology
  • Acquisition, Procurement, and Contract Management
  • Grants Management
  • Budget, Financial Management, and Strategic Planning
  • Change Management, Marketing, Training, and Communication
  • Organizational Development and Business Process Re-engineering


Project & Program Management

Our experienced and professional PMP™ certified staff offers over 20 years of extraordinary experience in project management. Our integrated approach involves the use of project management tools to effectively plan, execute, monitor and deliver programs. SFA has been responsible for successful project management of multiple, diverse programs, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations.

For over a decade SFA has been successfully delivering mission-critical projects throughout all phases of the project life cycle, which contributes to our high customer repeat business factor. Our experienced project managers adhere to a standard management process that assists clients in reducing risk while ensuring original project objectives are met.

Our standard management process includes:

  • Project planning, estimating and tracking
  • Project administration and financial reporting
  • Customer, vendor and team management
  • Project communication and risk management

SFA knows project management and program implementation; works very well and professionally with all clients and stakeholders; and, is incredibly skilled in their area of expertise. Our team has the proven ability to identify and mitigate project risks, anticipate and prevent roadblocks, and react to issues as they arise. Given this, all of SFA's projects were delivered on time and within budget.



Information Technology

SFA provides diverse technology solutions. Our past and current work for the District of Columbia, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, include sample information technology (IT) services ranging from web application development, to software development life cycle (SDLC) project management, functional analysis, database and systems administration, testing, data conversion, change management, help desk and training. Our resources possess specific technical expertise in PeopleSoft and Ariba applications, as well as, DB2, Oracle, SQL, SQR, C++, Java, Visual Basic, GIS, and more.

A summary of our IT services include:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Software Selection
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Executive Support
  • COTS Implementation
  • Database Administration
  • Functional Design Analysis
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Test Analysis
  • Change Management
  • IT Security Management and Database Administration
  • Server Management and Administration
  • Software Support
  • Help Desk/Call Center Support Services
  • IT Training


Acquisition, Procurement and Contract Management

SFA has a uniquely qualified team of professionals that are leaders in the area of acquisition, procurement, contract management, and procurement technology. SFA experienced professionals provide leadership and direction on the development of solicitations, negotiation strategy, and contract awards. SFA also provides leadership and support in strategic sourcing and procurement process re-engineering.

SFA has directed, managed and provided policy decisions, and acquisition management oversight to multiple District of Columbia agencies:

  • DC Public Schools
  • Metropolitan Police Department
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
  • DC Public Libraries
  • Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Department of Corrections and Correctional Industries
  • Senior level acquisition and contract management for multiple agencies

Our founder, Susan Fitzgerald, maintains current certifications as a Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) from the National Institute of Purchasing, and Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). Ms. Fitzgerald was also the former chair of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Purchasing Officers’ Committee, and is a highly recognized procurement professional nationally and regionally.

SFA has a team of professionals with proven proficiency in grants management, specifically in supporting the Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), which serves as the State Administrative Agent (SAA) for the National Capital Region (NCR).

SFA plays an integral role in the intricacies of the grants management process from grant award to closeout and has successfully monitored the financial progress of projects funded with homeland security grant funds since September 11, 2001. The SFA team has a commitment to aid the NCR in maintaining its position as a lead recipient of homeland security grant funds.



Budget, Financial, Grants Management and Strategic Planning

SFA provides exceptional budget and financial services to budget, track, monitor, project and strategically plan for technology, communications, public safety, and quality assurance grants.

Capitalizing on the numerous government awards in these functional areas, SFA offers first class solutions and expert advice on developing and managing project budgets throughout implementation and developing operational budgets for clients. More specifically, we are the lead player in the financial management of all HSEMA sub grants for the NCR or metropolitan Washington region. SFA services include data analysis and summarization, financial reporting and analysis, and strategic financial planning.



Business Intelligence and Organizational Design

Change Management, Marketing, Training, Communications

SFA experts have extensive experience in developing and conducting all client and staff training and change management programs in procurement, human resources, payroll, benefits, time and labor, homeland security, and others.

Our team takes the client vision to design while delivering all client-focused forms, manuals, brochures, and training collateral using diverse, multiple communication channels.

Organizational Development and Business Process Reengineering

SFA professionals focus on the performance, development, and effectiveness of our client organizations.

SFA led and provided oversight of organizational development and business process reengineering activities for the District of Columbia implementation of administrative modernization program systems for the following area:

  • Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Catalogs
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Time and Labor
  • Benefits Administration
  • Individual Retirement Record Processing

SFA also attained total autonomy from the Commonwealth of Virginia for the George Mason University Department of Material Management. This unlimited authority was granted based on organizational leadership; development and implementation of policies and procedures; processes and systems; staff alignment, professional development and training; and, development of alternative contract mechanisms.

Similarly, SFA received the Excellence in Purchasing Award from the National Purchasing Institute (NPI) for organizational development and business process reengineering work performed at Prince William County Public Schools.